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John Adamson

Tree Sculptor

My Public Art is an extension of my smaller carvings.   I use the form of the wood and my knowledge of the human form to produce similar carvings, only with a chainsaw rather than chisels and gouges.   There are some exceptions to this when the wood or the commissioner wants a different sort of carving.   These are of course made to order and already in position in parks etc.    If you have tree or log that you wished to be carved in a similar manner, an enquiry about a commission would be welcome.   The prices are a probable cost for the work if undertaken today and to this I would need to add travel expenses

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Two willow trees in a small park area. The design was influenced by the shape of the branches which suggested arms.
Olive Tree Dancers
Grag vale Dragon
Padiham Dancers 2002     £2500

The shape of the tree suggested a figure leaning back and looking up. As it was in a nature reserve a bird watcher seemed appropriate The Pirates were part of an overal theme for a local park Carved in one day as a demonstration
Two Fish 2003

Carved for a local charity and as part of my degree work My first private commission. Their mother wanted a chainsaw carving of her children but the log cried out for 3 figures so she got 3 for the price of 2 My first commission!
Lytham Seat 1999   £1000 Mother and Children 2001   £800 The Towneley Whale 2000  £2000  

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