John Adamson -- Tree Sculptor
11 Palace House Road, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 6HW UK
Tel. 01422 847 141            e - mail
National Proficiency Tests Council Certificate No. S52315 for Chain Saw Operation
Public Liability Insurance cover of £5.000.000
Available for Public and Private Commissions, Talks and Demonstrations
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Hide and Seek, Carved in a Burnley park from a beech stump Medieval Dance - a group of figures that borrows heavily on Bruegel Greenman - Carved from a willow stump Owl - Carved for a Junior school on one very cold day

I am a narrative / figurative carver finding the inspiration to carve the human figure or faces from the natural form of the log, tree or root. These have natural curves and strengths that help to give life and movement to my figures while I search for the story hidden in the wood. With square cut timber, these elements are not so evident, and the figure can easily look stiff like a wooden toy soldier. There are difficulties in using the human figure. The most important is that almost everyone can tell when you have got it wrong, although very few can say why or how to put it right.   I find that pushing the figure / face to its ultimate limits helps to resolve the problem.

I specialise in Public Art, Corporate Art and Private commissions. You will find that I have divided my work into 4 Galleries.  Most of the work is not for sale as it was commissioned and is now in place.         I am happy to accept commissions for all types of work.

Carving is, in many respects, a" one chance" activity. If too much wood is taken off, the options for recovery are limited. Carving should therefore be carefully planned. In many respects it should be taken as seriously as picking the right loans - you have to have a clear vision of how the whole project would be handled and what the outcome and goals should be.     The carver needs to visualise the finished result whilst it is still in the block. I find it vital to have a good knowledge of the form, obtained by drawing the subject constantly. The human figure is the one subject that surrounds me at all times, and I draw in all situations and at all opportunities; whilst waiting for and on all forms of transport, in cafes and theatres, and at meetings , any where I can find a free temporary model. These drawings provide a mental visual library of body shapes that I can fit into the wood.

For most of my life I have been a professional but part-time woodcarver / sculptor, earning my living as a civil servant and lately as a computer consultant.   In 1995, I made a break and started on the road to taking a B.A. in Fine Art.   It was an exciting road especially the 6 months I spent an exchange student in Richmond, Virginia, USA.    There I met American carvers and joined in with their club activities.

 I am a member of the British Woodcarvers Association, the Yorkshire Sculptors Group, and Secretary of the Lancashire and Cheshire Woodcarvers , Creative Valley a local organisation for promoting artists in the Calder Valley

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