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John Adamson 

Tree Sculptor

Groups have been a part of my professional practice for about 30 years.  I like the challenge of the human figure, and the group dynamics and body language that a group carving provides.   Also I take onboard Henry Moore's idea that "sculptured should be interesting from each of the 360 degrees of the compass".   I have simplified this to 'there should not be an obvious front and back".   There is a fascination to finding figures inside the log and the result.  All of the the work below is not for sale as it is where I have done my learning and I refer to them frequently.   The prices are an indication of what a similar piece of work would cost now.   Commissions are welcome.

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Can You Fix It   £1000

For a 60th birthday and commemorating an incident from the past

Family Tree   £1000  Dancers £500 Fire Light £300
Grandmother and her 7 grandsons plus one granddaughter Inspired by the burr that became the frilly underskirt of a ballroom dancer Carved in desperation. The only interesting bit of wood I could find in the workshop.

Flirteen £250 Imagine You Are a Tree £1000

Jumble Sale £1000 Look What I Have Found  £500
My first planned group. Used the cracks in the oak log to decide where to place the figures. It was going to be crown green bowlers measuring up, but a chance meeting with a woman who had memories of finding a bomb during the war changed it.

Moorland Picnic £700 Nelly Dean £500
An experiment to see how far I could push a piece of pine.

Rumba £400 Waiting £2000
Carved from a piece of a 500 year old beam. 22 figures if you count the teddy bear.

All Fall Down  £700 Medieval Dance £1200
An odd shaped hawthorn root. The carving did not work until I found that the figures were falling not climbing. With apologies to Brugel

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